It seems as if the topic of Reparations is on the lips of many politicians who are running for the office of President of the United States, and many are unaware of the element that caused its catapult. It was only a few years ago when I decided to run for office, myself, as a grass roots hip hop organizer, throwing the majority of my income into this delusional vision that I had. My vision was simple: transform any platform that I had as a grass roots hip hop organizer into a platform for a Presidential candidacy, because I saw the empty vacuum of Black Agenda candidates, especially on the Presidential level, so I pledged that if I ran then I would only represent for a demographic being neglected out of the political space as a Black Agenda Priority Candidate, so I kept the ideas of Reparations at the center of my platform, and the brutal disregard for my campaign as the only candidate who kept Reparations at the center of my agenda made me work harder, and drive it harder, because I represented the real Black American, and what I was experiencing is exactly what many Black Americans experience on a daily basis. Our ideas are disregarded, our visions are disrespected, and our fortitude is dismissed. We are at the bottom of society because we were placed there, and every effort that we attempt in order to rise out of it is met with major white supremacist resistance.  I knew that I represented the reality of Black America, and there was nothing delusional about it.

      I live in the San Francisco Bay Area California, an area that covers neighboring cities around San Francisco, an area that an USA Today article ranked as the most expensive place to live in the entire country. In the city that I live, Vallejo, Ca, is ranked number eleven. Vallejo is a city located in the North Bay, and the element of gentrification flushes people out of the inner cities of San Francisco and Oakland into cities like Vallejo, Fairfield, and Stockton, so basically, in order to escape the exponential rise of the cost of living of the bigger cities and their neighbors, we are flushed to areas that still make the top 25 list, but isn't as expensive as the top 5. There is no escape. Vallejo also has the highest rate of police officers shooting citizens in Northern California, according to NBC news. We are being gentrified out of the industrial cities in our areas, and then greenlighted for extermination once we are finally placed out. The benefits of a bubbling economy created by a thriving tech industry does not even benefactor many people who are making one hundred thousand dollars a year, according to a CNBC news article written by Emmie Martin, so many black people who complain about California's economic racism and their displacement out of a thriving tech industry are benign-neglected as delusional, just like my aspirations to the Presidency as one of the Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves.

     Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z, and Bob Johnson are more delusional for Black American life, and the aspirations of an individualistic concept of black success is even more delusional because American wealth is controlled by the codification of white supremacy. Blacks Who  Descended From American Slaves have been sold the American dream, but are stuck as permanent underclass citizens, and our willingness to get deceived by the notion of individualism garners the root cause for our failures. Many of us refuse to hold this country accountable for our economic displacement because we were misinformed about how power and wealth works. The ideas of group economics and politics did not hold any weight in the minds of black individualism because the ideas of success were purely based on liquid cash, buying economic trinkets that depreciate in value over time. It did not quantify wealth with codification focused on an agenda for the Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves, or having the power to enforce these codes for the group. It did not quantify wealth with having economic stability with your own people and not being subjected to the mercy of other groups for access to acquire resources. It did not quantify the ability to control those resources through the establishment of Blacks Who Descended from American Slaves by having the ability to circulate those resources with each other through trade services. They did not quantify power with having the ability to protect yourself from harm inflicted by other groups, and the only way to achieve this type of protection is through the same access of government and the same access to a thriving private sector that White Americans possess. There is more equity in people than material trinkets, and the unity of people allow those people to have access to resources, because the codification of people build strength in numbers. We squander while other groups progress because we started off as slaves and were never compensated for the loss and damages, and the reason for the lack of this type of true repentance is because the White Supremacist Capitalist Structure cannot operate efficiently without somebody being at the bottom of the totem pole, so Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves were chosen for that bottom position. When I ran for President in 2015 and 2016, I knew that Black America needed a voice in American politics, but not only a voice, but a true representation of their struggle. I knew that the political spectrum of America had to see that Reparations was knocking on the door, and that a Black Agenda was going to get established with a younger generation of Black American politics. I was the only candidate keeping this agenda alive on the Presidential level in America. That has drastically changed.

Democratic nominees are flying out during this election cycle with the hope of being the historical candidate to defeat Donald Trump, and they are bellowing for the Black vote with Reparations getting discussed on a non-serious level. Black people in America are waking up. A new generation of voters dominate the Black constituency, and it seems as if we finally have a Black Agenda, and refuse to fall for the sixty-year trend of benign neglect politics that is only aimed at Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves. For sixty years it seems as if Black people only voted Democrat so that the Republican competitor didn't win, lacking any agenda benefiting our people. That era is over, and Reparations is the agenda. However, I still have not seen a clear definition of what Reparations should intel, so I decided to lay the blueprint down, and even during my preparation of another Presidential run for 2020, something that is in effect, finally, I decided to give the people an idea for what a genuine campaign should look like. It is a very precise Reparations package. I call it D.M.L.G: Defense, Money, Land, Grants, which was constructed from the four elements of American society which are Defensive Structure, Capital, Land, and the Access To Capital, and these are the four elements that are used to keep Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves as a bottom caste.

     The very first element of Reparations is Defense, something that I'm surprised that all of the so-called reparations experts never before mentioned, and this element is the most important. There are three elements of American Defensive Structure, and they are a.) a military, b.) foreign, federal, state and local law enforcement, and (c.) a court system.  The very first element of Reparations is protection under the law, but the only way that you can protect yourself is through enforcement of the law. The fourteenth amendment is a constitutional establishment of the rights of former slaves and their descendants, giving us equal access to American citizenship. The Dred Scott decision was a Supreme Court case established before the Civil War stating that Blacks did not have these rights. This decision was nullified with the establishment of the 14th amendment, which had to get created for the specific Americanization of Blacks who were American slaves and their descendants, giving former slaves and their descendants those rights, so enforcement of these rights are quintessential, and by not enforcing these rights is a paradigm of inequality in American history, because Black people's rights are not protected in this country which is a violation of the fourteenth amendment. The U.S. constitution give citizens the rights to protect themselves against tyranny, and any institution that violates the rights of citizens is guilty of such tyranny. There has been enough evidence and research establishing this premise, that black people's rights are violated, and our quality of life is not equal in comparison with other citizens', so there must get created specific federal, foreign, state, and local enforcement agencies that specifically enforce any legislation created for Reparations. There also have to get created a militia branch that protects the rights of Blacks Who Descended  From American Slaves foreign and domestic. There also have to get created a specific court system that specifically litigate for Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves because there is enough evidence that proves that the judicial system is bias against this group. These types of enforcements will give more opportunity of justice for our group who fall victim to police brutality or any form of White terrorism. America have a long history of reneging on anything promised guaranteeing a higher quality of life for Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves, but a higher quality of life means enforcement for that life, and enforcement encompasses Black armed forces on behalf of a Black Reparations military, Black Reparations federal agencies, Black state and local Black reparations police, a Black court system, and Black citizens who can equip themselves in order to protect themselves against illegal terrorism that may befall Black citizens who will receive Reparations, and the U.S. constitution backs up this enforcement because Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves are eligible for the same type of protection and enforcement as our White American co-citizens, and by not establishing that same equal protection is a violation against the Constitution.

     The very next thing that should get established for a Black Reparations package is cash (M)oney for Blacks who descended from American slaves. Martin Luther King made it clear when he said that we are coming to get our check, and that check will get equated to what was promised. You break down "the check" based on the population of the United states, in comparison to the population of Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves and the yearly gross domestic product of the United states. There are roughly 300 million recorded people in the United States. There are roughly 30 million people who are classified as black in the United States. Blacks Who  descended From American Slaves are lower than that. Just for debate sake let's say that black people who can prove that they descended from American slaves are 10 million people. The GDP, Gross Domestic Product, of the United States is roughly 20 trillion dollars a year. This entire country and its acquired resources were acquired by the backs of slaves so the breakdown of what's owed should equate with the population size of Blacks Who descended from American Slaves in comparison with the entire population.  That means that since Blacks who can prove that they descended from  American slaves equate to at least three percent of the population, so at least 3 percent of America's GDP of 20 trillion dollars a year should go to these people, which equates to every  Black person descended from American slaves receiving at least 60,000 dollars a year if the GDP stay at 20 trillion dollars. Of course inflation goes up, so the GDP will also go up, which means that our check will also go up, so it's all related to equity. Our check will generate equity on an annual basis similar to the stock market or the real estate market. it's all equity. I think that we are also owed a lump sum of money for all of the years that the United States missed on compensation. Slavery ended in 1865, so that's at least 150 plus years and counting that America owes, so what America will do is this: Count America's GDP every single year since the end of slavery, and fraction that off as a lump sum for all of the Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves. I calculated that the sum of (GDP)s since 1865 is 1 quadrillion dollars and climbing. Using the "at least" factor of three percent will equal at least thirty trillion dollars because three percent of one quadrillion dollars is thirty trillion dollars, divide that into at least 10 million people and you have a lump sum of at least $3.1 million dollars getting dispersed to all Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves. This lump sum may have to get dispersed in increments until the debt is reached, but it will eventually stop. This is the second check. One check is delivered as long as America exists, the other check is delivered until it is paid off.

     The third element is (L)and, because we were promised 40 acres and a mule. It is a documented idea of a Reparations package that calculated an amount of land that freed slaves should get, and you cannot have true liberation without access to land, so if you multiply 40 acres times at least 10 million people will equate to at least 400 million acres of land accessible to Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves. That is a land mass larger than most states. The type of land compensation will have to get decided by the people. Would they rather have access to new land that is not occupied, or have access to prime real estate of land already developed. If we choose the latter, then the government will put a tax on any land developed that will specifically go to the development of our people, so as the cost of living inflates, so does the tax of that land where there is inflation, which will get directed to Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves. If we choose the first, then we develop new land for our own people. We can literally acquire land mass that will get developed for business, school, agriculture, and real estate.

And finally, Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves are displaced from any economic stability, and this stability have been stripped from us through racist actions that was garnered after slavery. Blacks have always tried to make advancements in this society, but it has always been met with white terroristic resistance. We need (G)rants specifically for financial institutions, businesses, hospitals, schools, science, technology, and any infrastructure needed. For 20 to 50 years, America must set aside grants that specifically address the needs for our development. We need grants that will finance inventions, and technological ideas. The same type of set asides that are given to the Mark Zuckerbergs and Elon Musks should also be given to the Donte Johnsons, Antoine Jenkins', and Jamaal Thompsons. We need the government to give us bank bail outs also. There is research that proves how Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves are discriminated against when trying to acquire business loans and grants, and how law enforcement specifically targets us for mass incarceration, and how we are not included with many of the hiring that goes on in Silicon Valley, and how we are the last to get hired and first to get fired. It is proven that the higher level up in the chain of command in most corporate entities equates with the Whiter the network becomes. We need more development of a Black base of businesses that hire our own people, and give black innovators more of an opportunity to succeed. I am Deon D. Jenkins, also known as hip hop grass roots organization Alpha Leo, and this is my idea for what Reparations should look like, and I am a Democratic candidate for President of the United States of America. I will like to thank every Black person in America who continue to keep the pressure on politicians, informing them that they will not receive our vote without an efficient agenda for Reparations for Blacks Who Descended From American Slaves.



 Bringing A Black Agenda To American Politics.



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Defense. Money. Land. Grants